NASCAR Racing 2008

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In 2003 Papyrus and Sierra came out with one of the best racing games ever NASCAR Racing 2003 season. They made this as the final installment of the game since EA sports had paid to have exclusive rights to NASCAR games. While the game didn't come with it Papyrus made Busch and Truck mod ability built into the game. After the final patch mods were unlocked and all 3 series could be played. Since then the sim racers and fans of the game eveywhere have done what they can to keep the game going. EA Sports has tried to make a game like NASCAR 2003 but fallen short every time.

There are still hundreds of sites and leagues dedicated to Papyrus NASCAR Racing 2003. Hundreds of new tracks, cars, mods are out there. This collection called NASCAR 2007 contains some of the best while keeping the standard NASCAR theme. New tracks and updated mods come out every day. By the time this collection is released there will probably be even better stuff avalible. I am a fan of the game and hope this collection will spark new interest in the game and maybe introduce some new people to this great game.
Информация об игре:

Название: NASCAR Racing 2008
Жанр: Racing Simulation
Платформа: PC
Разработчик: Papyrus Racing Games
Издательство: Sierra Entertainment
Язык: Eng
Cистемные требования : Pentium 1.0 Mhz ОЗУ: 256 МБайт Видеокарта: 128 МБайт
Размер: 850 mb

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